With this interactive tutorial, you will experience a live demonstration of how Songle Sync works. While Songle Sync provides API with which programmers can easily play web-native songs (e.g. YouTube videos and SoundCloud music) and control numerous devices in synchrony with the songs, the first half of this tutorial will not require any prior knowledge—anyone can enjoy the basic features of Songle Sync! チュートリアルを日本語で読みますか?

Step 1.

Experience Songle Sync

Step 2.

Sync with your song

Step 3.

Create your first Songle Sync app

Step 4.

Publish your Songle Sync app

ProgrammerMobilePCIoT devices

Create a Node.js-based server


Run Songle Sync on IoT devices

ProgrammerMobileIoT devices

What is Songle Sync?

Songle Sync is a web-based platform that allows to play audio of songs available on the web and control various kinds of devices in synchrony with the audio playback. More than a hundred smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and IoT devices were confirmed to synchronize perfectly with the audio playback.

More details on Songle Sync Press release

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About this tutorial

Supported browsers

Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge browsers on personal computers are supported. We recommend using the most recent version of these browsers. Some mobile devices might suffer from audio playback issues.

Revision history

English version of the tutorial is now available.
Public release of Songle Sync—press release done.