Step. 1

Experience Songle Sync with your device

Songle Sync allows to synchronize all of your mobile devices, personal computers, and IoT devices to the playback of music available on the web. With Songle Sync, you can enjoy performance synchronized with music including animations on the screen, professional lighting, actions of robots, and so on.

This tutorial page demonstrates a very simple Songle Sync application that can be viewed by modern browsers of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and personal computers (laptops and desktop PCs). Invite your friends and colleagues to access this page using the QR code shown within the page.

Choose your style
11 variations of animation styles are available

Clicking/touching the button will start playing the music and showing animation in synchrony to the audio playback.

Summary of this step / Toward the next step

Say hello to the Songle Sync world!

We hope you have enjoyed various devices showing visual performances in synchrony to the audio playback. If not, please bring multiple devices and open this page simultaneously. Applying Songle Sync to live performances allow massive-scale simultaneous control of devices such as synchronously lighting up artist cloths and audience wristbands and showing animations on their smartphones.