Step. 2

Sync with your favorite song

Songle Sync allows to synchronize devices to the playback of music available on the web. Choosing a song and clicking/touching the button will show a music player as well as a QR code with which others can enjoy the performance synchronized with your player.

Choose your song
Over a million and a hundred thousand of songs are available

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Choose your style
Six variations of animation styles are available

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Feel the potential of Songle Sync

We hope you have enjoyed various devices play animations in synchrony with a song of your choice. Please share the URL of this web page and enjoy the synchronized performance.

Or ... aren't you satisfied? If you can write JavaScript, you can develop a Songle Sync app by yourself and publish it to general public. Please create a Songle Sync app that surprises us! Starting from Step. 3, the tutorial focuses on technical aspects of Songle Sync and introduces how to create applciations—you can try out the Songle Sync API without leaving the website!