Run Songle Sync on IoT devices

For those who are not satisfied with Step 1-4 of the tutorial, this page digs a little bit deeper into development of practical Songle Sync applications. In particular, this page introduces how to control physical computing devices that serve as Songle Sync clients.

Tutorial for programmers

This tutorial page is written for those who can write JavaScript programs. To experience Songle Sync without any prior knowledge of programming, Step 1 and Step 2 of the tutorial are good starting points. Also, search Songle Sync on Twitter might find interesting applications.

Under construction

Summary of this step / Toward the next step

Songle Syncで実世界を駆動しよう!

このステップの内容はまだ準備中です。完成までの間は、Step.4 「IoT機器でSongle Sync」を読んで、デバイスを作ってみてください。

無事にSongle Syncの機能を活用したIoTデバイスを作ることができましたか?